2. Endre kontodetaljer

Do you need to change the registered account details or transfer the ownership of the account to a new person in your company?

Your profile is accessible for students when you publish job ads or ads for theses. You should make sure the contact details are up to date in case interested students needs clarification about the content in some of your ads. Each organisation are only allowed to have one registered account on the Career Portal. It is therefore important that you make sure that the registered contact person are up to date.


You can access your profile in the main menu by pressing «Profile». It will redirect you to your profile page with information about your company, your company logo and the registered contact person for the given account. This information will be visible for everyone visiting your profile page and you can easily change the information directly from your own account.


The account details are accessible through the Tools button. You can easily change your password by pressing «Change password» which will redirect you to the password settings. The new password should contain at least four characters. Special characters (e.g. &?%) or non-latin letters (e.g. æ, ø, å) are not allowed.


Each organisation are only allowed to have one registered account on the Career Portal. If the person responsible for recruitement in your company are replaced, you should change the contact information as soon as possible. The details can be changed by pressing the «Edit» button.

You need to declare with the old contact person whether the registered contact person should be changed. If you are not sure which person in your company the account is registered on, you can contact karriereservice@bi.no for guidance.