1. Tilgang til Karriereportalen

In order to access the events or ads for positions and thesis, you need to sign in. Are you struggling with getting access to the website?

The Career Portal is aimed at active full-time bachelor and master students at BI looking for career related opportunities during their studies or upon graduation. As a full-time student, you will keep your access to the portal for up to one year after graduation. After the one year, you can find career opportunities and other career related events at the BI Alumni portal.

Part-time students, executive students and PhD candidates are not automatically given access to the portal given that the content on the website is not considered relevant for your group. However, you can contact us by email if you consider yourself as part of the target group and want access.


BI uses single sign-on on each of their platforms. Hence, you can use the same credentials you use on @BI to sign in on the Career Portal as well. You sign in by pressing "SIGN IN" in the top menu. As a student, you need to select "Log on via @BI".


The list of students in the Career Portal are synchronized at the start of each semester. If you are a full-time student and still get a message saying that you are denied access, it might be that you enrolled in your studies after the synchronizing took place. Contact karriereservice@bi.no so that we can provide you the needed access. Students that are not registered as a full-time student can also contact us if you consider yourself as part of the target group of the website and want access.


If you have lost you password, you need to follow the directions provided on the single sign-on system. The single sign-on system is not controlled by Career Services directly. If you are still experiencing problems getting acces, we encourage you to contact it@bi.no.